lways Tops Ashura Caterers Est 1993 shura Caterers Ashura Caterers Est 1993 Tel:021-6384190 Starters Main Meals Salads Desserts MENU OPTIONS 1.fancy cake with tea 2.ice cream with chocolate sauce 3. vermicelli served with ice cream 4. trifle 5. cheesecakes 6. pavlova 7. yoghurt based teaser desserts 8. chocolate mousse 9. pecan tarts 10. milk tart 11. pastries 12. éclair tower 13. apple crumble served with dallop cream/custard 14. toffana pudding (caramel and banana dessert) 15 malva with custard 16. potatoe pudding 17. chocolate brownies served      with cream/ice cream/      choc sauce 1. choice of three of the following: cocktail pies: mince/chicken cocktail samoosas: mince/chicken cocktail quiche: chicken spring rolls: veggie/chicken half moons: chicken cocktail chicken pita cocktail pizzas: vienna, chicken, steak cocktail cottage pies 2. Chicken sosatie served individually plated on bed of lettuce, ashura sauce , orange+lemon wedges 3. Butter fish & shrimps served on a bed on lettuce, seafood sauce &lemon wedge 4. shrimp cocktail served individually in a clear goblet/ tropical prawn 5. mini croissant with salmon filling 6. chicken/steak wrap 7. sticky sesame wings garnished with sticky sauce and served on frilly lettuce 8. soji all starters accompanied with juice (refillable); crackles, endearmints 1. Green tossed salad 2. greek salad 3. carrot & pineapple salad 4. potatoe salad 5. three bean salad 6. beetroot salad 7. dhai 8. onion and danya salad 1.Lamb breyanie/ lamb aknie/lamb curry with  fragrant jiera rice/ mavru with savoury rice  and fried potatoes  Denningvleis with savoury rice and jacket   potatoes or indian breyanie with dhai 2. Butter chicken with Naan 3. Pot pie i.e. chicken or steak with hot veggies 4. Braised steak with onions and sweet rice,     jacket potatoes, mettley veg 5. chicken/ beef lasagne served with saffron rice,     coleslaw 6. Leg of lamb, sweet rice, gravy, jacket potatoes,     mettley veg 7. Seafood paella 8. Crayfish curry/ prawn curry served with     Danya Rice 9. roast chicken or grilled strips of fillet chicken     with ashura secret sauce shura Caterers Our Menus are Flexible lways Striving for Service Excellence      Traditional Foods