lways Tops shura Caterers Ashura Caterers Est 1993 Ashura Caterers Est 1993 Tel:021-6384190 Ashura Caterers shura Caterers Ashura Catering are a well-established catering company, which  started  20 years ago. Our professional team manages catering for Weddings, Gala dinners, Parties, Engagements ,Year-End Events, Conferences & much more. We take pride in our business to deliver an exceptional service, by being flexible & adaptable to the needs and requests of our clients, therefore you can expect the best possible attention & personalised service.We are passionate about what we do, & have expert knowledge of the catering industry and we look forward to sharing our experiences & knowledge with you,to ensure that you get the most value,enjoyment & special moments out of your chosen event.  We have a philosophy of commitment & a willingness to go the extra mile to get  the job done & it is a philosophy that has achieved the desired result. Join us for an experience you will never forget… lways Striving for Service Excellence